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Kitchen Hood Exhaust Cleaning

For anyone running a commercial kitchen, thoroughly cleaning and maintaining the kitchen hood exhaust is critical to managing a safe and healthy business. Call ServiceMaster for kitchen hood exhaust cleaning and de-greasing done by the professionals. Removing grease requires the right tools, detergents and experience. Let ServiceMaster keep your kitchen in compliance and make sure that your kitchen exhaust hood and your ductwork are in the best shape it can be.

Photo of kitchen hood exhaust cleaning in progess.

Maine kitchen hood cleaning professionals.

Any type of cooking with heat will create airborne grease and organic cooking fumes. Your kitchen exhaust hood removes almost all of it but some residue will stick to the stove, hood, fire suppression system and the exhaust vent. Over time that residue will build up at a compounding rate. Because that greasy residue is flammable and is above a heat source, a fire is almost inevitable. A greasy protein fire can spread quickly and create a foul smelling and sticky smoke residue. It would be almost impossible to stay open as a business after a substantial grease fire that affects the kitchen exhaust hood and spreads to the kitchen.

Servicing Your Hood

By having ServiceMaster clean your kitchen exhaust hood and ductwork on a periodic basis, you can set it and forget it. ServiceMaster can schedule months and years out so you know when you need to have the service done and to not have any surprises in your budget.

Call ServiceMaster anytime to set up a free estimate. One of our representatives can come by your kitchen to better understand your cleaning needs. We are able to schedule cleanings during the hours when you are not open or preparing food. While we are there, it is a good time to take a look at any air duct cleaning or dryer vent cleaning that you may need to save on all services.

ServiceMaster Kitchen Hood Exhaust Cleaning

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