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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning is critical to your safety. Dryers trap a lot of lint in your lint filter but also send much of it out your dryer vent. After a while your dryer vent will start to become choked with lint. Since the dryer puts out heat through the dryer vent, this becomes a dangerous situation as eventually the lint will ignite and cause a fire that can potentially spread rapidly.

Image of the inside after dryer vent cleaning.

Dryer vent cleaning professionals.

Over 2,900 home fires are caused by dryers every year resulting in deaths, injuries and millions of dollars of property loss. The largest percentage of those fires was caused by inadequate cleaning of dust, fiber or lint. It is especially important to clean dryer vents in multi-unit complexes as the dryer vents can be longer and therefor trap more lint. When the build-up does ignite, the fire can affect other units or floors quickly.

Cleaning the vents regularly will also extend the life of the dryer as the reduced air flow will trap heat in the dryer and make the fan work harder to expel the air. ServiceMaster can clean your dryer vents on a routine basis so that your dryer is not a hazard to your family or neighbors. We can set up a schedule that meets your needs and your budget. We use state of the art equipment that ensures that your vents are clean and safe.

If you work in a facility that prepares food, it is important to check your kitchen exhaust hood vents as well. They can also be a fire hazard. ServiceMaster can also clean your ducts to make sure your home or business is a safe and healthy environment.

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