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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in Maine

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in Maine Every commercial kitchen and restaurant kitchen in Maine needs to have periodic inspections to make sure they are sanitary and safe. If the commercial kitchen is not clean to the standards of the inspector, the business is at risk […]


Kitchen Hood Cleaning and Fire Safety

Kitchen Hood Cleaning and Fire Safety There are multiple reasons to have a regular kitchen hood cleaning done. If you expect your business to stay in business it is important to understand the cleaning and maintenance needs for your kitchen. Every type of food […]


Professional Carpet Cleaning vs. Renting a Machine

We often get asked about our services as compared to a rental steam cleaner that you can get from the big box stores. While we are certainly biased, there are several issues that customers forget when they try to decide whether to hire a […]


DYI Carpet Cleaning Gone Wrong

Many times we are called by homeowners who have tried to clean their carpet and upholstery by themselves. There are ads out there for products or rental equipment that claim to have the same results as professional cleaning services at a fraction of the […]


Spring Cleaning for Homes & Camp Openings

After the cooler temperatures of winter are over, you may want to refresh your home to be ready for the warmer temperatures of spring. Spring cleaning is a time honored way to shake out the cobwebs, both physically and mentally, to prepare your home […]


Spring Cleaning for your Garage

Your garage can be one of the most heavily trafficked areas during the winter.  It is exposed to the wind and weather, vehicles bring in dirt, sand, leaves and salt and snowblowers, lawnmowers and other equipment track oil over the floors. Rodents and other pests […]


Spring Cleaning For Your Garage

Spring Cleaning Your Garage It’s easy to make the garage a “catch-all” room for all those things we don’t really have a place to put. Before long, you’ve got a real mess on your hands, and the garage isn’t really useful for keeping those […]


Lewiston Auburn Upholstery Cleaning

Lewiston Auburn Upholstery Cleaning ServiceMaster is your source for Upholstery Cleaning in Lewiston Auburn. We have over 25 years of experience cleaning carpet and upholstery in L/A. Call ServiceMaster of Lewiston Auburn (207) 783-6310 Cleaning upholstery is very different from cleaning carpets. We may […]


Cleaning Pet Stains

Cleaning Pet Stains I was talking to a friend the other day, who like myself, has a few dogs and cats.  We were chatting about the upcoming weather and closing the windows in our homes for the next 6 months.  She asked me how […]


Mold in Carpet

Mold in Carpet and Pad If a water damage is not mitigated quickly and thoroughly, there is a good chance there will be mold in the carpet and pad. The pad under the carpet is incredibly absorbent and can stay wet for days or […]

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