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With the many types of weather that we have here, carpet cleaning Norway Maine can be a challenge. Sand and salt get tracked in during the winter and then ground in during the spring. Humidity during the summer can aid the growth of mold and other microbial organisms that live in the carpet’s fibers and backing.

For Professional Carpet Cleaning Norway Maine call ServiceMaster Clean. We have IICRC certified technicians who are able to clean virtually any carpet.

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Carpet Cleaning Norway Maine

Carpet Cleanering Norway Maine

The best results for carpet cleaning require knowledge of the type of carpet fiber as well as the stain. To help save money (it can be expensive to have a carpet cleaner return on more than one occasion) it is best to give your carpet cleaning professional all of the information that you have.

1.) Type of Carpet stain: Professional carpet cleaners have a wide assortment of specialized detergents which have specific uses. A detergent used for wine will not be as effective on coffee. It is best to let the technician know if the stain is food, feces, pet urine or another type of stain.

2.) Length of Time Since Last Carpet Cleaning: It doesn’t matter to the technician how long it has been or if the carpet has never been cleaned. But it will affect how we clean and possibly how many times it needs to be cleaned.  Ground in dirt or staining that has been left for a while can affect the backing and the stability of the carpet.

3.) Expectations: If you really think that the carpet should come out like new, let the tech know and he can give you his or her professional assessment. Customer complaints can often be a result of unexplained expectations.

4.) How is the carpet used: If your carpet is used daily or only several times a year, it can affect how the carpet is treated afterward. You may not need or want Scotchgard on a carpet that is only used several times per year.

It is best to get as much info and to let your technician know as much as possible.

For Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning Norway Maine Call ServiceMaster Clean.

We are available 24/7/365 for Emergency Water Damage in Norway Maine

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