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Carpet Cleaning Freeport Maine

Call ServiceMaster for carpet cleaning Freeport Maine. ServiceMaster has been in business for over 25 years cleaning commercial and residential carpets in the Freeport Maine area.

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At ServiceMaster we use state of the art equipment and innovative techniques to make sure your carpets are as clean as they possibly can be. Our techs are IICRC certified.  Carpets are the most used and abused surface in your home. After a day a the beach, your kids or pets can make your entry look like the Desert of Maine. After a long winter, salt will embed itself in carpet fibers and start to destroy its backing. After humid July days, you may get mold or microbial growth in the carpet or pad.

Freeport Maine

Carpet cleaning can be done in several different ways. For most carpets we use a cleaning technique called hot water extraction. After a thorough vacuuming, we spray a detergent onto the carpet and then groom it into the fibers. It takes 15 minutes for detergent to properly break down soil. After that time we use a truck mounted extraction unit which does several things.

Heat: The truckmount heats water to 180 degrees. This heat combined with the detergent will make almost any type of soil (dirt, oil, food particles) soluble.

Pressure: Water is then sprayed into your carpet at a high psi so that it can go beyond the top layer and get all the way to the bottom. This allows the carpet to be cleaned thoroughly and reach even the toughest areas where ground in soil is and mites and other inscents may live.

Vacuum: The truck mounted unit is gas fired and has a tremendous amount of suction to make sure that all of the soil, detergent and water is removed. This leaves your carpet clean and residue free. Most carpets are dry enough to walk on in hours.

This process is the best way to remove soil and allergens from your carpet. Most other carpet cleaning companies rinse with soapy water instead of applying it first.This doesn’t allow for a proper dwell time to break down dirt and oils and it leaves carpet with a soapy residue. This residue actually attracts soil and the carpet will soon appear dirty again. Some companies use “dry cleaning” but that doesn’t clean all the way to the backing of the carpet. We can sometimes use several methods of one carpet cleaning Freeport Maine.

At ServiceMaster we also have specialized detergents than can remove virtually any stain, depending on the fabric. For carpet cleaning Freeport Maine call the pros.

Call ServiceMaster Clean

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We are the area’s top carpet cleaning company and also provide emergency water damage, fire damage and mold removal. We are available at night and on weekends for commercial carpet cleaning Freeport Maine. We are active in the community in Freeport Maine and in the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce.


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