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Spring Cleaning Your Garage

It’s easy to make the garage a “catch-all” room for all those things we don’t really have a place to put. Before long, you’ve got a real mess on your hands, and the garage isn’t really useful for keeping those things that need to be there organized and protected from the weather. If you start your spring cleaning in the garage, you can get those garden tools and other necessary items neatly arranged for a season of handy access.

Maine Garage Cleaners - a garage full of trash, dirt, and equipment

Maine Garage Cleaning

Here are some tips for organizing your garage.

  • Arrange items that you want to keep into separate piles.
  • Determine what kinds of containers will best store these items.
  • Hang pegs to organize certain items – even lawn chairs can be stored on long pegs.
  • Bicycles can be hung from the rafters when not in use. When the bicycles are in use, assign a certain place for them to be parked.
  • Keep as many items off the floor as possible so it’s easy to sweep often.
    • Tip: Twice a month is a good schedule. Remember that dust from the garage often ends up in the house.
  • If you have bare studs in the garage, place slats of wood across the studs to create bins for items like sports equipment and gardening tools.
  • Hammer nails into the wall or into the studs for tools and other articles.
  • Keep similar items together in marked containers and go through them once a season to clean out things you’re not using anymore.
    • Tip: Take this organizing opportunity to make inventory of items you’ll need for the spring such as missing garden tools.
  • Hang shelves and keep storage containers marked with items like toys, tennis balls, nails, lawn chemicals, etc.
  • Use hooks instead of nails for items such as outdoor clothing, backpacks, umbrellas, etc.
  • Keep the items you’ll need for the season (rakes, lawnmowers, etc.) close to the front of the garage.
  • Strap items like bats and fishing rod together for easier storage and transport.
  • Hang garden hose, spare tires and other unwieldy equipment up to prevent accidents.

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