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We often get asked about our services as compared to a rental steam cleaner that you can get from the big box stores. While we are certainly biased, there are several issues that customers forget when they try to decide whether to hire a professional or to do it themselves.


People often forget to monetize their time. How much is it worth to you to take a half day to drive to the store, complete the transaction, set up the unit, clean your carpets, clean the unit, pack it up and return it to the store. The gas alone can add up if the store is far away. Many times we clean a home when the homeowner is at work and they return to a clean and dry carpet and a house that smells terrific.


The rental units have both the heater and the vacuum in their small plastic casing. Assuming they are serviced regularly (hmmm…) and you have a unit that is working optimally, there is a limit to the power that it has and the heat that it produces. (Heat is needed to maximize the efficiency of the detergents and to break down soil and stains.) Professional carpet cleaners have truck mounted extraction units. Ours are powered by a Chevy Vortec engines which can produce a steady stream of 210 degree water as well as intense vacuum power. In order to clean down to the backing of your carpet, you need that power. If you are not cleaning to the backing, all of that dirt, oil and dander is staying in your carpet and your home. Over time it is breaking down the fibers and ruining the carpet.


Typically the store sells “one stain fits all” alkaline product which may not be appropriate for all carpet types. For instance, if it is used on natural fibers it may damage a carpet or rug permanently. Also, a wine stain needs to be treated differently than dog urine which is different from heavily ground in dirt. Our techs have years of experience, IICRC certifications and each carpet cleaning vehicle is equipped with a full variety of stain removing detergents to leave your carpet spotless.


Many people expect that, since they are cleaning the carpet themselves, they will save money. They may be able to clean minor spots for less than a professional service, but rental companies typically rent the equipment for a specific amount of time. If you go over that time, further charges are incurred. Also, you have to buy cleaning detergents separately from the rental. The most expensive cost however can be damage or breakage of the unit for which the renter is responsible.
Satisfaction: We are there to get the job done right. There are no second trips to the store. We will come to your home or business and clean your carpets thoroughly, leaving you with a heathy, soil free carpet that keeps your air quality high and your business looking professional. We don’t give up because the rental time is over or we ran out of detergent or the machine didn’t work right.

Like any job, if you want it done right, you need the right tools. For any type of carpet cleaning, we have the right tools. We’ve also seen virtually every type of stain on every type of carpet. Let us use our experience to make your carpet look their best.

We also provide Dry Carpet Cleaning service for businesses with hard to reach areas.

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