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Mold in Carpet and Pad

If a water damage is not mitigated quickly and thoroughly, there is a good chance there will be mold in the carpet and pad. The pad under the carpet is incredibly absorbent and can stay wet for days or weeks. Water has a hard time evaporating through the carpet. If the carpet is over cement, that cement is also porous and moist. So the water won’t have anywhere to go.

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Carpet Mold

Mold in Carpet

Mold in Carpet Timeline

1.) The first thing that happens to carpet after it gets wet is delamination.  That is when the backing, which is held together by glue, starts to break down. The water will eat away at the glue and it will start to come off and it usually is a light, gritty. Once the glue is gone the fibers will start to come out. This can happen within hours or days depending on the quality of carpet.

2.) After a few days, a musty smell may appear. Mold will establish itself within 72 hours. Typically that mold is in the pad. The pad may be keeping the carpet wet and mold will establish itself on the backing and the bottom of the fibers.

3.) Secondary damage may occur if the wet pad is left in place. Walls or wooden floors will stay wet and eventually grow mold. Typically humidity levels in rooms affected by water damage will remain high and mold can establish itself on walls.

Remediation Steps:

If we can get to a water damage quickly, we can typically save the carpet and pad. We have powerful extraction equipment and can dry walls, floors as well as the carpet. If the carpet is delaminating, the best steps may be to remove the carpet and pad.

Sanitizing mold in carpet: We have specialize biocides for carpet that can kill mold in a carpet. This is most effective for industrial, glued down carpet and becomes less effective as pile gets thicker. It is extremely difficult to sanitize a pad thoroughly where we can guarantee that mold isn’t present. Once there is mold in carpet and pad it can live on humidity that is in the air. If mold has established itself in carpet and pad many times, the best course of action is to remove them. Mold creates waste which is airborne and can have negative health effects for people, particularly children and the elderly.

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3 thoughts on “Mold in Carpet

  1. Thank you for the wonderful advice. Now I know how molds grow in carpets and how they spread. Because of this tip, now I can prevent my carpets gets mold and if ever it has molds I know how to clean them.

  2. Hello. Excellent article

  3. Great article! Having mold in your carpet can be a concerning issue. Mold thrives in damp and humid environments, and if left untreated, it can spread and cause health problems, especially for those with allergies or respiratory conditions. It’s important to address mold in carpets promptly by hiring professionals who specialize in mold remediation. They can effectively remove the mold, treat the affected area, and provide recommendations to prevent future mold growth. Taking quick action not only ensures a healthier living space but also helps preserve the longevity and cleanliness of your carpet.

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