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Kitchen Hood Cleaning and Fire Safety

There are multiple reasons to have a regular kitchen hood cleaning done. If you expect your business to stay in business it is important to understand the cleaning and maintenance needs for your kitchen. Every type of food produces a different mix of grease and particles and every kitchen has a different air handling and exhaust system.  A kitchen in a one story building with the bowl right on the roof is different from a restaurant that cooks in the basement and vents four floors up.

Kitchen grease cleaning - vents covered in a thick layer of grease and grime

Maine Hood and Kitchen Cleaners

Reduce the risk of fire in the stack– Make sure that the vents and the bowl are cleaned regularly. Just because you can’t see the grease trapped up there doesn’t mean it won’t eventually catch fire. Cleaning the stack can be difficult, time consuming and expensive. Much of the heat that carries particles up the chimney can cool by the time it reaches the top. The exhaust power will diminish and the grease will be more likely to stick to the stack. Burning embers can easily ignite grease in the stack. If the stack is ducted through other stories in a building then you are putting those other businesses and lives at risk. Grease fires can burn very hot and very quickly.

Reduce the risk of fire in the kitchen – By making sure the hood and the kitchen equipment is cleaned you can prevent a potentially fatal fire. A kitchen fire has also caused many restaurants to go out of business. After a serious disaster, the SBA reports that 25% of businesses don’t open again, an additional 25% are closed within a year and a full 90% are closed before the second anniversary of the disaster.

Kitchen exhaust cleaning should be done regularly and by a professional. For guidance in Maine, check out the Maine Fire Marshals’s website. Don’t let a surprise inspection shut your business down. It is best to know the rules.

ServiceMaster provides kitchen hood cleaning to restaurants and commercial kitchens in Southern, Central and Western Maine. For more information on Maine Facilities Cleaning Services call:

ServiceMaster Kitchen Hood Exhaust Cleaning

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We also have 24 hour emergency service for fires, floods and sewage back up.

We also provide

and project cleaning for restaurants, events centers, group homes and churches.

Serving Greater Portland, Lewiston, Auburn, Augusta, and Brunswick areas.

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9 thoughts on “Kitchen Hood Cleaning and Fire Safety

  1. Thanks for sharing this blogs your. on exhaust system cleaning company services looking forward for more

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    For the last fourteen years, Prestigious Maintenance Inc. has been providing the New York City Metro area, and the greater Long Island region with the highest level of service complying with regulations set forth by the NFPA, FDNY, Nassau & Suffolk County Fire Marshals.

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  6. Thanks for sharing the post. Kitchen exhaust cleaning is low risk business.

  7. It caught my attention when you said that you can prevent a potentially fatal fire if you will make sure that the hood and kitchen equipment is cleaned by a professional. With this in mind, I will assume that it would be best for restaurant owners to hire a professional cleaning company. I could imagine how a clogged kitchen hood would not only impact the safety of the people but also the quality of the food being cooked.

  8. Its good when you said to make sure that the vents and the bowl are cleaned regularly to reduce the risk of fire. I want to hire a kitchen cleaning service as my kitchen has not been cleaned for many months already. Thanks for the information on kitchen cleaning and I hope that I can get a good service for my house soon.

  9. It’s good to know that kitchen hood cleaning should be done regularly by a professional. I have a friend that runs a sandwich shop in town, and he was talking about how hard all of the safety checks are. He’s looking to get a new hood cleaning system to make sure everything stays safer.

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