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Dry carpet cleaning uses special equipment and cleaning detergent which is entirely different from what people usually think of with “steam cleaning” or extraction with hot water. Most dry soil can be vacuumed from a commercial carpet. However, oils and other pollutants will remain. Dry carpet cleaning uses a chemical which is groomed into the carpet with a specialized scrubber. That chemical will encapsulate oils and dirt and release it from the carpet fibers. The encapsulant dries within minutes and the oil and dirt can be removed with a vacuum cleaner. Oftentimes the vacuuming is done after hours by the janitorial staff.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Benefits of dry carpet cleaning

1.) Flexibility: We can reach just about any carpet on any floor in any building. Hot water extraction cleaning requires running a hose from the truck mounted equipment. That can be impossible on high rise buildings or facilities without easy access for the vans.

2.) Brightens Colors: Encapsulants contain color brighteners which will make the colors in your carpet pop.

3.) Silent: Unlike truck mounted extraction cleaning, dry carpet cleaning is almost silent. So, we can clean offices during business hours without disturbing workers. That makes scheduling easier and will cut down on costs.

4.) Expense: Typically dry carpet cleaning can be almost half as expensive as extraction cleaning.

When managing the floors of a facility where we have access for both extraction and dry carpet cleaning, we typically recommend a mixture of both methods. Extraction cleaning is very thorough and can sanitize carpets so we recommend that at least once a year and alternating with dry carpet cleaning. We also have portable extraction cleaners to make hard to reach areas possible. By using both methods a business can keep their floors looking their best while staying on their budget.

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We serve Southern, Western and Central Maine including Portland, Lewiston, Auburn, Oxford, Bethel, Augusta, Brunswick, Falmouth, Yarmouth, Freeport.

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  1. Kathleen Carrier on said:

    Looking to have the carpets done in the entry way of my apartment building. I am located in Randolph Maine. My main business is the Randolph Polyclean, but I rent apartments upstairs. The only carpeting is the entry stairs and hallwsy.

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