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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in Maine

Every commercial kitchen and restaurant kitchen in Maine needs to have periodic inspections to make sure they are sanitary and safe. If the commercial kitchen is not clean to the standards of the inspector, the business is at risk for being shut down until it can pass inspection. This can be a very expensive loss of revenue and potentially damage the reputation of the establishment.

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Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Maine - stainless steel commercial kitchen

For regular upkeep of any commercial kitchen, here are a few tips:

Schedule Regular Service: The first step is to understand how much usage your kitchen really gets and how often you need a cleaning. For instance, a kitchen that cooks vegan food will not need a cleaning and de-greasing nearly as often as a BBQ place even though it may serve many more customers. Restaurant kitchens that use high heat to cook animal protein will find grease throughout their kitchen. It is best for those facilities to schedule quarterly and have it on the calendar for up to a year in advance.   That takes the headache out of tracking when they need to be done. It also keeps the cooking equipment and vent system from having a devastating fire.

Understand the Building’s Construction: A kitchen hood that has a short stack to a bowl that is right outside the building can be relatively easy to clean and also trap comparatively little grease. Conversely a kitchen hood that vents four stories up and has several bends in the stack will be a fire haCommercial Kitchen Cleaning Rooftop - rooftop fans on an industrial buildingzard far sooner. Heat from the cooking equipment keeps the grease vapor particles suspended in the air and moving quickly up the stack. As it cools there is less energy moving the particles and the are more likely to adhere to grease that has coagulated on the inside of the stack. While your kitchen may not cook with a lot of grease, if it has a long and windy stack, then it will become a fire hazard quickly.

Work With Your Landlord: If you are renting, make sure to keep your landlord and your insurance carrier up to date with cleaning and maintenance. They should be aware of any changes that are made to the kitchen set up.

Maintain Your Flooring: Slip and fall accidents are the most common workplace injury. Grease will collect on tile floor and create a dangerous situation. It will also be tracked by your servers out onto the floor which will damage carpet fibers limiting the lifespan of your carpet. Some carpets will begin to show unsightly travel lanes giving the restaurant a dingy appearance. It is best to have your carpets and tile cleaned on a regular schedule with grease digesting enzymesrestaurant Kitchen and Carpet cleaning

Identify Slow Times: It is best to have your kitchen shut down for the minimum amount of time possible. Identify the times of the week and times of the year that you have the most flexibility.

Keep Kitchen Fire Contact Info Handy: If you do have a kitchen fire, call the authorities and your insurance immediately. For restoration and mitigation call ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration at (207) 539-4452.

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